The first educational step that a child takes at the tender age of 3 is in Nursery. Nursery, Pre-primary education is instrumental in shaping a child’s personality. At Aklank, ‘Kids’ an early learner develops social skills, verbal ability, and confidence and delves into the realm of art and craft through the Play Way method.


We believe that each child is unique and we nurture his potential at every stage of his school life.

With all-round exposure we give our children an environment where they learn in the simplest way without considering studies as regular burden. Hence, a fine combination of academic and extra-curricular environment is just right to bring the best in our children. This entire concept creates a learning environment that supports the full spectrum of student’s abilities.

Junior Block I to V 

The student is exposed to a wide array of subjects and study material, which is suitably graded. Besides Math, English and Hindi subjects like E.V.S. and G.K. are introduced with computer education right form class I. The learner is exposed to computers in the multimedia lab, which has been specially equipped to meet the needs of young learner. Have fun while you learn is prevalent here. From class VI onwards the learner is introduced to the third language that is Sanskrit. The teaching of all subjects in the Primary section is communicative and interactive wherein the students are active participants in the entire learning experience