The AKLANK DAY BOARDING curriculum aims to bring world-class student achievement in reading, mathematics, technology literacy, and communication, problem solving social & life skills.

We have four main academic units:

  • Preschool – Age group 2-5 yrs
  • Primary – Grades 1-5
  • Middle – Grades 6- 8
  • High School – Grades 9 & 10
  • Higher Secondary – Grades 11 & 12

The curriculum is designed to give different outcomes at different levels as the student progresses from preschool to high school. The curriculum focuses on cognitive and motor skills in the preschool, concepts in the primary school and practical approach in middle school. At the high school level, the focus of the curriculum is to prepare students for higher studies at college and for professional courses.

We offer a wide array of courses in the traditional academic disciplines including English, mathematics, science, history, language and the arts. Learning strategies and tools developed and perfected by students working with their learning strategist are then applied in the classroom. There are also numerous opportunities to pursue particular or special areas of interest. In the classroom, teachers emphasize the requisite skills needed to grasp the lesson.