The primary section of school works to provide a balance between necessary skills and knowledge. At this stage students explore a wide variety of interest and experiences.

Language Arts – In the primary section the language program lays stress on the basic skills of reading writing, spelling, grammar & vocabulary as well as creative writing and an appreciation of literature.

EVS – Kids are exposed to major disciplines in Science & Social Science to provide increased understanding of the world around them. More and more project- work is given to the children to develop their creative & logical thinking capacity. OHP slides and various movies on developing science and recent discoveries are shown at weekends.

Mathematics – Mathematics is taught with the help of various gadgets present in our Maths lab. Where students develop the concept of numbers, geometry & measurement skills.

Value Education – Our students imbibe the best of our ancient values through shlokas and tales of moral education. We also make them aware of the rights & duties. We also encourage them to study the biographies of the great men of our country.

From Class I to VIII – As prescribed by the Education Dept. of Raj. Govt.

From Class IX to XII – As prescribed by the Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan.